Lean Six-ed Out

I worked pretty late this week on my greenbelt project and am delighted to discover that my project was signed off and approved. This is quite a relief. I did learn some great things from the entire process and I am hoping to set up a meeting next week with some other folks who perform a similar function for their offices to see how we’re doing by their yard stick and how our process maps and Failure Evaluation Modes Analysis look and compare.

So complete for me means that I continue to measure but I am measuring a few more data points and then we’ll go back and reassess the FMEA et al. It’s been interesting but the stats honestly makes my head hurt and eyes water.

I’ve been painting on and off all week no great results. I wiped the canvas off and repainted the same porcelain pitcher 4 or 5 times to no avail…..

I will be painting again this weekend as well as class this Friday with Rob. There is an art opening I am going to try to hit in Bethesda as well.

I love 3 day weekends.


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