Friday Night and Sunday again…

Friday Night Study

Friday Night Study

Friday evening class. I seemed to have real problems last night in class. For the first evening (last Friday) I concentrated on correctly rendering the shadows and form of the model. Last night I completed the head and applied the initial color. My color range was way too dim so Rob had me punch up the color several degrees.

I went back in and reworked it but I wasn’t too happy with the final work. Its very dark and dim. Even after reworking the color. Also disappointing what how adding the brighter color really dulled and grayed out the other colors. The the color is off on this picture, the actual image is darker, oh and the model’s left side is pretty wonky. My main focus Friday night was trying to correctly apply color from the initial two-color study. I failed pretty miserably but I will continue plugging away.

Sunday. Today, I went to an area of the Potomac waterfront and tried to paint plein air. The results were ok, I had fun painting a limb of a sycamore tree. But I have no final work to post; I painted four paintings and wiped all four out. I think I should have headed to Alexandria and reworked my painting from last week.

I also discovered one of the hazards of plein air (err besides the bugs and sunburn) people talked to me

Sycamore Leaves

Sycamore Leaves

nonstop and even when I stepped away from the easel they crowded it. A friend said he’d seen me (as he walked by 4 times) with a crowd of folks around, he said it looked like I was teaching a workshop!

Now I was very polite and made a point of talking to the younger kids (about 11-13) painting if they were interested. But it made it hard to get much done. I had picked what I thought was a off-the-path locale but the day was so beautiful everyone was out.

Hopefully the picture on the right gives you a sense of how gorgeous the day was.


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