Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Gilmore and McCain Palin Sign

Gilmore and McCain Palin Sign

Sign-age of the political times. Tonight I had some errands in the Old Town section of Alexandria. I walked down Prince Street to see what is happening with some politically feuding neighbors.

It seems that at the corner of Prince Street and Columbus Street has a political sign war. There is a McCain/Palin and Gilmore fan and across the street is a law firm that are huge Obama fans. It’s made for some interesting walks.

Obama at the Window

Obama at the Window

The McCain/Palin fan placed a HUGE “This is McCain Country” sign on the wall of his yard (it looks like a very large -for old town- walled garden) as well as a smaller (about 3x5feet) tasteful “Gilmore” sign in screaming bright red nailed/affixed to the top of his walled garden. The law firm across the had a few Obama signs in their windows; I think they measured about 16×20 inches. At some point they added a sign in almost every window-but they were small signs.

So the McCain/Palin homeowner removed the Gilmore sign, placed a large “Gilmore, drill here, drill now” sign up. This sign is about 5×8 feet and another of the large McCain country signs (I guess just in case you missed the first one).

Tonight I realized the law firm struck back-they placed one of those life-size cardboard cutouts of Sen. Obama in their window and it’s staring at the entrance to the house across the street. How funny is that?

Vice President Cheney AP Photo

Vice President Cheney, AP Photo from CNN.Com

Shocking News. I noted today that CNN ran a story on Vice President Cheney. VP Cheney has fallen ill again and he was taken to George Washington Hospital in Washington DC for treatment. The Story that CNN ran stated the Vice President was experiencing irregular heartbeats again so it was back to the hospital for him.

I was pretty amazed. I believe this was the first credible reporting of the medical confirmation that Cheney DOES in fact have a heart…Will wonders ever cease?

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the presidential debates.


5 responses to “Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

  1. It would be more economical of CNN to do a newsflash that says “CHENEY IN PERFECT HEALTH.” …… oh wait…

    Remember the SNL skits on him. He ran around with a defibrillator that kept going off and he’d look down and say “God Dammit I’m dead again.”

  2. PS I have an Obamanos bumpersticker on my car from New Mexico =)

  3. Cindy – the joke works better with an ‘r’ in heart! 🙂

    Loved the signs war!

  4. BTW, I saw the latest debate on the TV last night. Over here in the UK, one of the broadsheet papers has run a poll about Who won the final US presidential debate? and 92.6% think Obama won.

    By way of explanation I have to say there’s more than a few people over here who regard the McCain/Palin combination as nothing short of a joke.

  5. Wow 92.6%!!!!
    I was pretty disappointed in Sen. McCain’s performance at the debate. I really wanted to hear about his plans for shoring up our economy and his health plan. The last thing I wanted to hear was more of the Ayer’s stuff or to continue watching his campaign strategy of attacks…all fluff and accusations and absolutely no substance.

    Frankly any candidate’s continued stance on an attack/smear campaign makes me question what is it they really do stand for? What are/is their position on the issues smacking us in the face. If the best you can do is respond to a serious question (that millions of Americans want to know your answers to) with innuendos and character attacks than that tells me, rightly or wrongly, that you have nothing substantive to say. Nothing.

    It’s an insult to anyone who took the 90 minutes to watch and especially for those whose votes were still up for grabs. I like McCain and I respect him, but as an independent if you want my vote you need to earn it and not insult my intelligence with poor debate performances.

    Speaking of which, I am not a feminist but I find it insulting beyond belief that Sarah Palin’s bar was set so low that all she had to do was not repeat the Katie Couric performance to be considered a success. The Press would not have tolerated such the lack of depth/breath in the answers had it been Hilary Clinton debating Governor Romney or any other VP nominee. Sarah’s failure to provide a cogent response to many of the questions may have been (for her) a solid debate strategy but frankly if made her look like an idiot and an arrogant one at that.

    I guess in terms of disclosure I need to state that I am independent but that I am a huge Joe Biden fan and volunteered for him in Iowa (when he was still a candidate).

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