Warhammer Online

I’ve been thinking about getting my feet wet with this game.  Tonight I did more than think about it.  I went out and bought it. 

Coming from a World of Warcraft background all I can say is that this game looks really different.  I am still loading the game and it’s taking forever and I am still on disc one of two.  So while I was waiting I did a google seach and found several useful guides as well:

Ardwulf’s Lair  Excellent explainations of how public quests work.

WoW Insider (I know it seems counterintuitive but this explains some of the things that will be very new to a person with a WoW background).

Wikipedia The ever helpful general history and information on the game

Hammerwiki See above, similar information (and an amusing link to WoW RotLK)

I also found a great video created by the folks at Mythic Entertainment that explain some of the information you need to help explain the difference between actions, tactics, and morale for a character.   

 here is the game trailer and the second youtube video is some fun Player vs Player (PvP) and Realm vs Realm (RvR) and a peek at some of the mounts. Note to self NEVER roll an elf it looks like a dressed up my little pony /rolling eyes.


And on the lighter side, this is an hysterical prank call I ran across on youtube.


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