Friday Night (24 Oct)


Winston Week 2

Winston Week 2


(published from an earlier draft)

Tough day today and a long week at a close; thank goodness I have two days off.  Tomorrow plan on attending Matt Sesow’s gallery opening; am really stoked; it’s a nice reward for a busy week.

Tonight we developed our paintings further. I had trouble again with segueing from the grasaille into color. I apologize for the shadow to the right, its from my camera and I wanted you to see the horizontal layout of the painting so I didn’t crop the photo. 

20 Minute Study

20 Minute Study

Rob helped me a great deal with this.  The pose was tough because the artist was initially leaning his head against the wall and then he ended up with his head straight.  I wanted the first pose and did my best.  Rob helped brighten it up and he corrected the left side of the face. 

He asked me to spend the last 20 minutes of the class doing a simple color sketch. These are rough and you aren’t worried about capturing a likeness -only seeing what colors are visible and getting their temperature correct. 

I like the color in ths one much more than the 2-day study.  Its fresher and happier.


2 responses to “Friday Night (24 Oct)

  1. Winston (week 2) is fabulous; it exudes mood which always makes a work more appealing to me.

  2. Thank you! Sadly he didn’t show up for the third night pose.

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