Waiting on News

Art.  The Target Gallery mailed off the results of the juried competition for their small works show today.  5x5x(5) will be a December show and the first serious competition I’ve ever entered.

Even if I don’t get into the show I found everything  very interesting. I think my work was at a disadvantage because I had to save it at 300dpi at 4×6″.  I don’t know if I read things correctly but it basically made the image about twice as large as life size.  Not sure if that was/is good or bad to be honest.

and WAR.  I have been slogging along at Warhammer Online (referred to as WAR) as well and enjoying things.  I was fortunate enough to find some very laid back fellow gamers who run a great guild.. several of them were involved in the beta so they really know their way around.  So far I am pretty slow at leveling and just made level 8 last night (after about 12 total hours of play).  I am used to zipping up to my low teens in World of Warcraft in that much time.  Part of it is I am still trying to understand the interface and a larger part is that I simply don’t know where everything is.  I’ve also tried out a couple of other classes, a greenskin shaman (think green gnome) and  a sorceress which is one powerful creature. 

Sadly, just like  in WoW, all of the female characters look like glorified barbies or sex kittens; with the exception of a healer class (she reminds me of a undead female with no bones showing).  The tanks can only be male but the high DPS (damage per second) classes can be both.  Only the empire has fire mages which are supposed to be horribly wicked. 

I played in one game of RvR (realm vs Realm) on Sunday with my healer who was level 6.  She was killed again and again because -as soon as they realised I was healing they nuked me.  and nuked me and nuked me.  It was fun though and I think I will really enjoy the RvR once my toon gets a little higher.


2 responses to “Waiting on News

  1. n00b: its not just for WoW 😛
    Q called after I spoke with you tonight. He’s going to jump to WAR too, but not til Jan.

  2. Cool, tell him I am on the badlands server. I will email you my character name -I am certain you will recognize it 😉

    So I was going to buy a new laptop but decided to fix the problem with 4g of ram. Other than the ram my system is fine and I can use the desktop in the interiem

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