A Sad Panda

Well I was not accepted into the 5x5x5 show.  I think the work in person (had they judged it by looking at the physical specimen) would have made it into the show.  This tells me that I need to learn about how to photograph my work.  I looked at the submission photo again and I don’t think it was 100% in synch with the image.  So I have far more to learn about yet another area of being an artist.

Intake at the next show is this Monday, hopefully I will make it because I will be returning from a trip to Colorado that night and the timing could be tight if there are any delays.  At least the paintings will be physically submitted (I am submitting both salt shaker paintings).

On a happier note, I am flying to Colorodo this afternoon to visit my sister.  I haven’t seen her in abotu a year and a half so it should be lovely.


4 responses to “A Sad Panda

  1. Mongoose,

    Sorry to hear about the outcome with the small painting. I saw the real thing and it looks great. There is something to be said for a digital image that capture the essence of the art work.

    I got back from Rob’s NC large scale drawing workshop in Raleigh. It was great. An artist who attended Rob’s Puerto Rico WS last year is from Raleigh and was also at the workshop. Got in late last night and voted early this morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can all start on a new direction in this country.

    I hope your trip to visit your sister was as fulfilling as mine was.

    See you in class. Hope to hear from Marjorie about some extracurricular painting.

  2. OBAMA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D


  3. Sounds like you had a bladt, did you get to met Gio and Carolyn?

  4. Met Gio but not Carolyn.
    Gio is putting together step by step photos of Rob’s demos. Rob’s demo’s were as amazing as aways. It was very strange working on such a large piece of paper. Rob brought a large scale chalk drawing of John he is currently working on….I think he said 30 hrs so far…..you should see how beautiful it is! Rob has to be the best artist in the country….if not world….I am so thankful to he in his classes….we are all very fortunate!
    I am bringing that magnifying lamp to class tonight for you.
    Sign up for next class is on Monday Nov 10.

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