Technical Difficulties

New Laptop Woes.  I purchased a new laptop from Dell which arrived on November 5th.  I was very excited but have had problems with its graphic display since the Monday the 7th.  I will be sending it back to the company tomorrow evening. 

I really hated how unresponsive they were.  All I wanted to do was return it and reorder a new one since I believe there is a serious problem with the graphics card.  Dell refused to accept it back without charging me a 15% restocking fee UNLESS I went through a 2 hour trouble shooting session with their techs. 

First of all if a product doesn’t work it doesn’t work.  I discovered that there is a known problem with the NVIDA card used in the one I purchased (xps 1500 series) and even though it was sold as a higher end model it coudn’t handle the combined requirements of playing Warhammer on line AND Vista at the same time.  I also found out that the speed was 2.4 ghz vice the advertised 2.5ghz.  The tech said this is a huge problem with the games/applications they are running.  All were show stoppers. 

Once the tech confirmed the two problems the Dell people stopped stalling and made very very nice.  All in all extremely aggravating!

After blowing through 2 hours (on my cell phone since I don’t use a land line) they agreed to take it back.  Now I’ve had 4 dells, 3  (1 desktop and 2 laptops- all XPS models) and one normal lower end desktop.  Yes I am a geek.  This is the first time I’ve had a serious problem with a Dell.  Last problem was with the XPS desktop and a noisy but working fan. 

I want a new laptop but after this experience I really hesitate to order another Dell.  The service tech in the Philippines told me that I should order the xps 1700 series for better gaming performance.  He also recommended I call Dell and request xp instead of vista.  Apparently you can do so but it’s expensive.  Since I hate vista so far I will bite the bullet and pay extra for the windows xp.

Of course the Macbook pro is looking sexier and sexier…

Blog.  When I visited my sister in Colorado several weeks ago we discussed setting up a website and exporting this blog to it.  I started the process but it’s going to take a bit. Hence the delay in posting.


3 responses to “Technical Difficulties

  1. This makes me nervous since I just got a Dell laptop a few months ago. I haven’t had a problem with it yet but it does have Vista…my father also just had to send back his brand new Dell as it kept crashing.

  2. Well my sense of urgency with the laptop stemmed from the fact that you only have the first 20-21 days to return a purchase.

    If you wait too long you are stuck with it. Since a laptop with a non-working video card = boat anchor I was very concerned.

    I felt like I was being stalled and I felt like I was getting the run around. I kept insisting that I wanted to return the laptop and that no I didn’t want a home technician to stop by. If it doesn’t work within 1 week of using it from the box, I think things will only get worse as it ages.

    The call centers I spoke to were in India, Salt Lake City and the Philippines and several of the folks were almost impossible to understand which made things very frustrating as well.

  3. I thought you’d been a bit quiet! 😉

    Since manufacturers monitor how their products are referenced on the Internet (Google alerts), when frustrated by people who have forgotten the meaning of customer service, I’ve taken to producing blog posts with very specific and detailed (critical) titles which they would be loathe to see in Google. Works a treat!

    Also if I can’t understand somebody and/or I’m making slow progress – wherever they are based – I ask to speak to their supervisor.

    I find most of the computer mags are very specific as to which computers are suitable for gaming. They do seem to have very different configurations to ones which are suitable for everything else although I’ve never quite worked out why!

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