Friday Night Painting



Last night was the final session of class this term.  Rob set one evening as a make up class for us next week.  Next term is drawing which I am looking forward to, but I love where I am with the painting so I may continue to paint (Rob allows us to work in what ever media we’re comfortable with).

I didn’t quite finish this painting of Anna.  The mouth is clunky as well as the area of the bottom of her nose. 

I still need to work on a better transition between the reflected light on her lower jaw and her cheek, her ear and do something about her shoulders.  Most of my concentration was eyes and redrawing (about 15 times) her mouth-which still needs work. 

I love how her hair came out, I threw in the copper highlights at the top as well as the icy blue-white highlights from the lights.

Like I said this still needs work but I am happy that I didn’t completely ruin it with the transition to color -which is normally where I usually manage to ruin the paintings.  I spent about the last 20 minutes of the class working on her eye socket.  I redrew it several times because Anna has these very smokey heavy lidded eyes.  Her eyes are a wonderful pale blue which I hinted at but didn’t try to draw.

The use of color and some of my bold choices were new for me.  Rob is a tonalist and I prefer his subtle modeling but I wanted to try to ratchet up the temp slightly so I could moderate it later in the session.


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