National Journal Expert Blogs Launch

On Wednesday evening  I attended an event at the Watergate.  The National Journal launched their  Expert Blogs which will focus on Health Care, the Economy and Energy and Enviromental issues. 

The Expert Blogs are hoping to replicated some of the bipartisan discussions that take place as part of the social side of capital hill life that don’t make it into the media or the hearing process.  The conversations which happen behind the scenes between politicians on both sides of the aisles when individuals are not worried about providing soundbites for journalists.  The concept should prove interesting.

The evening was extremely educational there were some lively discussions about Senator Clinton and the Obama’s vetting for her possible appointment as the Secretary of State as well as speculation about battle between Congressman Dingell and Waxman over who will head the committee on Energy and Commerce (Waxman won).

There was also speculation on who would head the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and several other key economic cabinet posts.  One of the predictions came true and was recently announced, Mr. Geithner was picked to head the Treasury Department.  The financial markets apparently approved  resulting in a nice rally this afternoon. 

I meet Carl Pope and Josuha (President and Political Director respectively) from the Sierra Club as well as Ron Brownstien ( Political Director of Atlantic Media Publishing and columnist with the National Journal) and the Political Director from the Progressive Future.  Of course I immediatly put my foot in my mouth with Carl by asking him why he sends me so much email! 
Carl laughed so I guess it wasn’t too bad of a faux pas.  I am certain he’s heard it before  since the number of emails I receive from Carl and Greg Hegaele (Sierra Club) are almost as bad as for filling up your email inbox.  The food was delish and the conversation was pretty remarkable-all in all it was a great evening.

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