Amazing in an Odd Way

Peaceable Kindgom?

Peaceable Kindgom?


While walking to meet friends for dinner at the Slanted Door (Embarcado), I saw this.  I thought it was adorable at the time; later I  wondered.  How did he do this? Were all the animals drugged?  The dog and cat looked like they were asleep and so did one of the rats.  But the rat closest to the cat was moving his nose around and nodding his head up and down.  So how did he do it?

I felt like I was watching a modern version of peaceable kingdom.

I fly back to DC on Monday.  On Tuesday evening we have a makeup class with Rob and Friday starts the children’s portrait workshop.  Its going to be a short work week but a long week.

Tomorrow I will probably hit some museums.  Today was beautiful and downtown was mobbed.  I did walk along a fishing wharf near Ft Mason.  There were some pretty bridge views and it was fun watching a sea lion stealing chicken from the crab pots.


2 responses to “Amazing in an Odd Way

  1. It’s strange to see this photo because I saw the same thing going on from Bisbon, AZ. It was a rottweiler with a gray cat and small little white mouse on it’s back instead of the rat, lol.

  2. I wonder of there is some type of “anarchist cookbook for panhandlers” that tells one how to do this?

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