I was invited to attend the Inauguration by a friend who has tickets.  I had planned on watching the event on the Mall down around the Smithsonian.  But these tickets are right around the Capital Building so I am a happy camper.  Now all I have to do is hope for a nice sunny day that isn’t too cold (I plan on arriving early so I can get good pictures).


4 responses to “Tickets!

  1. Congratulations on the tickets.

    I hate crowds myself but it is history… and you’ll be there!

    Man I hope this guy can save us

  2. So do I, I think he’s off to a brilliant start with many of his cabinet picks.

  3. Better be very early.. they are saying 6-8 hours to clear security… bring a blankie

    • They are saying that it will be impossible to jump on the metro (since they will be full from the folks entering at the outermost points). So I will be camping out with friends on capitol hill. At least it will only be a 3 block walk to the event.

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