Newest Additions to my Collection


Finished Portrait, by Robert Liberace
Finished Portrait, by Robert Liberace


Robert Liberace.  One of the neatest bonuses about studying with Robert Liberace is that he sells the demos of his work.  I recently attended his Child’s Portrait Workshop at the Alexandria Art League and purchased two of his paintings.

The painting on the left is a two day study that Rob painted of the oldest sister.  If it sounds confusing its because it is or was.  There were five sisters who modeled for us, this painting is of the of the oldest sister. 

Alla Prima by Robert Liberace

Alla Prima by Robert Liberace

Rob worked on her portrait the first day for several hours establishing a solid grisaille (monotone under painting).  One the second day of the painting, he laid in the color.  More information (including pictures-can be found at this posting).

Robert painted this alla primastudy on the last day of the workshop. The colors may seem fairly bold, (especially since I consider Rob a tonalist vice colorist) but they are an accurate reflection of the colors surrounding the model.  I apologize for the odd angle of the picture, I took it in the studio once Rob complete the painting; so it’s not quite dead on/front and centered.

Rose Girl Limited Edition Print, Irvine Contemporary Gallery

Rose Girl, by Shepard Fairey photo courtesy of the Irvine Contemporary Gallery


What I really love about about this painting is how joyful it seems to me.  You can tell that Rob really enjoyed painting this and had a lot of fun.  This painting reminds me a lot of some of Joaquin Sorolla’s work and I think it’s wonderful. 

This weekend I also framed my Rose Girl print by Shepard Fairey and hung the print over my dining area. 

Sadly I decided it was time to move my ‘wall o Liberace’ and rotate or reorganize several of my larger paintings.

Look both Ways, by Henry Stinson

Look both Ways, by Henry Stinson

I am a firm believer in rotating your art work so I put the majority of my Duane Keiser works (about eight of the egg paintings) in storage. 

I also took most of the Michelle Tully and Leslie Holt works down and hung up some of the newer works they’ve done.

Caught me an Alien, by Novuhito Tanaka

Caught me an Alien, by Nobuhito Tanaka


I am still trying to make room for A Murder of Crows by Gennara Moore, Look Both Ways by Henry Stinson, and Caught me an Alien by Nobuhito Tanaka.   

 Caught me an Alien is another one of those paintings that make me laugh a seriously deep belly laugh every time I see it.  I love this charming painting!

3 responses to “Newest Additions to my Collection

  1. Caught ma an alien is a great painting! Looks almost like a photograph.

  2. Thank you, I love it. Just curious how did you find this post?

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