Manifest Hope DC

Just received this notification about a great art show taking place the weekend before the convention.

Manifest Hope DC

Manifest Hope DC



Irvine Contemporary has been invited to manage the Manifest Hope:  DCart exhibition produced by EMG (Evolutionary Media Group) and Shepard Fairey’s OBEYgroup during the inauguration week. Manifest Hope:  DC is also sponsored by and the SEIU.

Manifest Hope:  DCwill celebrate the role that art and artists have played in the national grass-roots movement that carried Barack Obama to the presidency. Over 100 artists from across the nation and the DC region will participate. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Duke Ellington School In Washington, DC. (See the website for more information about events, artists, and art competition.)

A celebration for all regardless of partisan affiliation, Manifest Hope: DC will be a historic inaugural event to match this extraordinary moment in the history of our nation.

Location of Manifest Hope:  DC: 3333 M St., NW, Washington, DC, in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, near the Key Bridge.


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