Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project Vol 3

The boys

The boys

I’ve been working on a Sketchbook Project, Volume 3 for The Art House Co-op.  The deadline is 15 Feb and the subject is Everyone We Know.   Since I am working on being a spinster (i.e., don’t have children-just cats)  I thought I’d add my two cats (the black Manx has been with me since 1996 through thick and thin) and they are family, four-footed but family none the less. 

Scooter Cropped

Scooter (cropped)

 I am new to colored pencils but this is my take on the sweet but rather thick cat.  A friend of mine calls him the philosopher king, I call him Scooter. 

And before you burn me in effigy for the name-that is the name the shelter gave him and he won’t respond to any other name, so Scooter it is.Scooter looks like a husky very large farm worker version of a Siamese.  He weighs about 17lbs and is solid muscle, he’s built like a tank. 

Scooter has been working hard at learning how to play and just be a cat.  He’s still frightened of sudden movements, I’ve had him for 2 and 1/2 years and this hasn’t changed yet.  Occasionally, he will actually to crawl on my lap for a cuddle; when he does-I always feel privileged.

Wyatt (cropped)

Wyatt (cropped)


My other cat, Wyatt, is glaring at me from the background.  In the photo he’s basically a sheet of black minus his yellow-green glaring eyes.  Did I mention he’s jealous of anything and everything that I pay attention to (other than him)?

The drawing of Wyatt to the right is the preceding page in the book.  He’s actually laying down just hanging out. Since he’s all black I had a hard time figuring out how to show the strong reflections of light on his fur.  I think I fif ok, but it still needs work.

6 responses to “Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project Vol 3

  1. Nice drawing! And a great story too. I used to have a manx – way back when. I inherited him from a client who couldn’t care for him, and he was one big love bug. The short front legs/long back legs always made him look like he was about to pounce, but he really just wanted to seek (food, petting, attention). Cats are good. They humanize us. And they make good models too.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Yes! Mine particularly love it when I want them to pose laying down! (um at least the siamese mix does) the manx usually stalks off if I turn on the camera or he sees me open my sketch book.

    I think he doesn’t want things to be easy for me.

  3. Yes, they are quite good at the practice of opposition. It’s a strategy they pride themselves on; Oh, you want to type? Here, let me lay on the keyboard. Reading the paper? I think that page makes a perfect napping spot. Oh, you’ve got the camera out? I think I need to pace. Eeesh.

  4. Lol, and then they act all offendedthat they are not the center of your universe.

    Actually both cats get very jealous if one is getting more attention than the other.

  5. My dog thinks we are just one of his pack lol! and I could swear he is a little man in disguise.

    did you get a shock when you saw the size of the sketchbook. I was a wee bit but have got into the swing of it.

    I like your drawing, especially the way you have captured the attitude of the cats.

    regards Corrine

  6. Opps sorry Corrine, for some reason I didn’t see your comment. Yes the size of the sketchbook was a surprise. I did love the intimacy of it though.

    Thank you for the compliment and the boys will have bigger heads than before.

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