We Are One-Opening Ceremony to Inauguration

It was amazing!  I was about 300 yards from the stage on a slightly lower level.  You could see the stage but the view was better through the jumbotran.  One of the most exciting things was when the cameras would pan the audience, there were so many people there witnessing history together!

This picture is the view from where I was standing looking towards the Washington Memorial. The reflecting pool was frozen.  Hopefully everyone was able to see this on television/cable.


We Are One (view down the reflecting pool)

We Are One (view down the reflecting pool)


4 responses to “We Are One-Opening Ceremony to Inauguration

  1. Cindy, what an amazing time you must be having. Except for the bitter cold, I would wish I were there. I heard that the White House is opening to visitors again. Have you applied to visit?

  2. I did though an email tha the inaugural committe sent out, but no word so far. I have another route but I will wait afew months before attempting it!

  3. Stay warm you two!


  4. Will be freezing tomorrow!

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