President-Elect Obama

President-Elect Obama

Dawns a new era, one of Hope and Change.  I attended an event today that I will write about later this week.  But one of the ladies in attendance summed it all up.  She said, Obama said, “Yes we Can”  Yes we can what? It is up to each us to fill in this blank and write our own stories.

Yes we can.

Tomorrow the entire world will hold it’s collective breath as the first african american takes his oath of office and becomes the 44th President of the United States of America.

Yes we can.

We, as a nation have put aside our prejudices and our fears and placed our hope and trust that it is possible to redeem the promise of our forefathers to live in peace.

Yes we can.

Tonight and tomorrow we will all go to sleep with this thought ringing in our heads, that we as a nation can rise to the challenge and fulfill our potential.  To serve not only our fellow men and women, but also the greater good.

Yes we can.


5 responses to “Tomorrow…

  1. Fill the new pages. Write our own stories. Yes we can. It’s up to us. I just hope the focus and the enthusiasm has strong legs.
    Stay warm out there…

  2. I’m expecting great things of you and your camera this week Cindy!

    I’m also completely stumped for what to do as a blog post on such a memorable day – but I’ve been taking a look at what the theme of his speech is going to be which is giving me one or two ideas

    In the meantime – you might like to see this
    Dr King’s prediction of a black president

  3. Hi Belinda
    It was freezing and impossible to see much. I did get some great shots of Vice President Biden and the President at the Western Ball. I will do a post soon, just finally made it back to my house.

    Katherine-his speech was so inspiring. I’m going to track it down on youtube and link it. Even though it was impossible to see much (we were in the purple ticketed area) it was awesome to simply be there~everyone around me felt the same-see or not see, shor tor tall everyone wanted to be there and to be able to tell their children/grandchildren they watched history being made.

  4. I had an excellent view from the comfort of my armchair! 🙂

    The BBC and the newspapers over here have excellent microsites devoted to it.


  5. Mongoose,
    I had an excellent view from my sofa.
    We had the day off since traffic was expected to be a mess. That’s a good thing as I was going to take a vacation day to watch it all real-time. I was glued to my TV. Would liked to have been there, but I didn’t think I’d see much.
    I was inspired all day by what I was seeing.
    I think yesterday shows the world that all Americans are not white, and that the majority of us who are do not judge on the basis of someones race….or do I just speak for myself….I hope not.
    See you in class on Friday.

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