Farewell Governor Dean

Govenor Howard Dean

Govenor Howard Dean


Last Saturday night I attended an event in honor of Governor Howard Dean, the outgoing Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hosted at the American History Museum in Washington, DC.  Although this post is late (I was without the internet or laptop for most of the weekend) I wanted to post it anyways as a tribute to a great man.

The Govenor Virginia, Tim Kaine, has been nominated by President  Obama to serve as the replacement for Govenor Howard Dean as the Chairman of the DNC.   This was submitted to the DNC membership for vote on January 21st and passed with no issues.

What  a great party!  There was great music, food and drink in a stunning setting that was filled with a huge crowd.  I was lucky enough to see a few folks I’d meet while volunteering at the DNC and it felt nice to be remembered. 

Governor Dean in the Crowd

Governor Dean in the Crowd

After a short presentation of some interesting video clips, Governor Kaine introduced Howard Dean.  Before Dean took the stage, they played a great video message from President Elect Obama.  Then Governor Dean came out and gave one hell of a speech.  I had no idea he was such a great orator!

As soon as his speech was over he was mobbed by well wishers.  Sadly for me I was within 10 feet of him so I was mobbed as well, but you could forgive people for their love an enthusiasm (for him not me).


One response to “Farewell Governor Dean

  1. Is that *The* Howard Dean as in Watergate? Wow you have a lot of gray hair! I’ll bet your twin sister doesn’t


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