Hopefully, the snow received today in northern Virginia will be handled much better than the early November snowfall we received last year.  The sidewalks (which are brick) were already a tad slippery.  Am I a bad person for hoping it snows like crazy this afternoon and that  they tell us to stay home tomorrow?



 All I can say is that cocoa with marshmallows, a cozy fire in the living room and watching the snow fall sounds like an ideal way to spend the evening tonight!

As for me, I will be working like a fiend tonight to try and make more head way into my sketchbook Art House project!

Stay safe and be warm.


3 responses to “Snow

  1. pffft you guys don’t get snow there 😛 You should have been here 2 years ago when we got 60′ of snow — 5-6 feet at a time — spread over 2 months. The drifts and snow plow mountains didn’t melt til the end of June!

  2. blah blah blah
    if they wanna think it’s bad enough not to work, I’m not going to argue!

    Remember I went to college in Montana!

  3. True true. I slept from 6 pm til 8 am today so I am finally feeling a little a live… sort of. Hope you’re feeling better. Thanks for that Austin News link, hysterical! NAZI ZOMBIES! RUN!

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