Art Jam

Wild Shore by Ed Hahn

Wild Shore by Ed Hahn


A classmate from my Robert Liberace painting class called me last week and invited me to her open studio. Trisca’s studio is about a 40 minute drive from my house but I am very glad I went.  I’ve been battling with the flu for the last few days and was going stir crazy.

Open Studio is somewhat of a misnomer, think salon with artists discussing art, their own and others in swirls of groups with good wine and food. 

It was a nice mix of people.  There was a gallery owner, several full-time professional artists, some of Trisha’s students, as well as several folks like me who enjoyed making arts.  Trisha told me to bring some work, because we would all show our works and talk about them. I had no idea what to bring so I grabbed a sketchbook from my anatomy class and the DaVinci silverpoint drawing I was working on as well as my beloved salt shaker painting.  

At one point in the evening, Trisha placed 4 similar paintings of two onions done by her and another attendee.  It was great seeing the differences between them and listening to how they created them.  I really loved one that wasn’t as polished as the others but the colors were so beautiful and the harmony between the  colors made my heart sing a bit when I looked at it.  She had these bluish/greenish grays, whites, oranges, and purples hitting the green tops of one of the onions.  It probably sounds odd but it was very beautiful.

Fog Rocks, by Ed Hahn

Fog Rocks, by Ed Hahn

I felt very lucky to meet Ed Hahn a talented photographer who made the jump to full time artist this September.  We talked about how he made his decsion to work as a photographer (he does professional work as well as fine arts) and about his upcoming show at the ArtSpace in Herndon, VA.  The show will hang from April 7 – May 3 and the opening is scheduled for April 18th from 7-9pm.  

I love Ed’s photographs.  They are moody, evocative, and timeless.  He brought this great photograph of piers from Ocean City MD.  He’d exposed the picture for 30 seconds and had this gorgeous swirling cloud of waves that appeared like fog around the pilings.  Ed explained to us how he took the shot and when another photographer asked him specifics he explained his technique and a little about the artist who inspired him to try this type of shot.

After DaVinci, Antique Warrior (in progress)

After DaVinci, Antique Warrior (in progress)


While we were chatting, Ed asked me about my watch, which started the conversation off on another angle-I was wearing my vintage watch and he was wearing this huge gorgeous Glashütte.  Because of the questions he asked, I asked him if he was on a TimeZone which is a watch collectors site I visit and low and behold he is a moderator there! We both knew one of the members so we chatted about him for a bit (talk about your six degrees of Kevin Bacon).  

I was too shy to put my work up, but I did show it to Ed and then some other people nearby (one of thse swirls I mentioned).  I explained to them that drawing/copying the DaVinci silverpoint is how I learned Leonardo was a lefty!  They seemed to like my salt shaker and liked the sketches in my anatomy book as well.

I also told Ed how hard it was to photograph the silverpoints.  The one on the left has been fiddled with a bit to darken the color of the silver, since when a silverpoint drawing is new it’s -well-its silver.  And must tarnish to darken.  So it’s very difficult to photograph correctly.   

Silverpoint Torso Study
Silverpoint Torso Study

Ed suggested the diffused lighting but also buying some black velvet and laying the work on the velvet while photographing it.  That way the silverpoint can reflect back the color of the black.  What a brilliant idea.  He also suggested using a very good tripod.  Sadly I don’t think I have one of those, just a featherweight one from Jerry’s for my pochade box. 

One of the highlights of evening was witnessing Trisha introduce one of her younger student’s work.  It was a still life grissaile and it caught the interest of one of the guests who owns a gallery in Vienna Va.  Apparently the gallery owner hosts an annual student show and she seemed quite recepted to the happy gal’s work.  Yeah!

2 responses to “Art Jam

  1. Great description of a really great evening- I wish I were there!

    • It’s the first time I have attended this type of event. I didn’t know what to expect but I really enjoyed myself.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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