Friday Evening Drawing Class

Anna Class Demo,  by Robert Liberace

Anna Class Demo, by Robert Liberace


Last night I attended class with Robert Liberace.  This was my first class since December and I’ve missed seeing my friends in class as well as simply sitting/standing in front of a model and drawing or painting. I arrived early so I could grab some coffee with a classmate.  Rob painted this as a demo for is afternoon class.  Isn’t it wonderful? 

Our model’s name was Keith and Marjorie (Rob’s assistant) draped in this incredible languorous pose.  Since I’ve missed three classes (inauguration and then sickness) I had no idea where we were starting.  So I just brought materials for 3 color chalk.

I ended up dithering for a bit trying to decide between silverpoint or the sanguine

Male Torso

Male Torso

colored pencils but ended up just drawing with the pencils. 

This was created using some twinrockerpaper that has been prepared with a wash of yellow ochre watercolor and some shellac.  I don’t think I used as much shellac as I should have because there were spots the pencil seemed to have trouble ‘grabbing’.

Now the legs aren’t right and there are issues withforeshortening and distortion (i.e. both arms are accurate but look bizzare).  But the torso is dead on.  I was pretty pleased with it and Rob gave me some guidance about an hour into the drawing. 

Close up of Male Torso

Close up of Male Torso

I took his advice and when he came back he talked about the torso for a bit and said it was the best one I’d done in class so far.  That really made me feel good.

The model (Keith) was posed so that you saw the majority of the right side of his ribcage.  He had some fat overlaying his ribs but not much and you could really see the ribs as well as the intercostalspaces between them beneath his skin. 

When you look at the drawing it might be a little difficult to interpret the anatomy.  You can follow the rib cage down to the 10th-12th ribs (just above where you see the indentation), if you follow that line across the abdomen you will see the navel as well as the bottom portion of his  (rectus abdominus).

We have Keith for one more evening so hopefully I will be able to rework his arms and legs next Friday.


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