My Friday Night Work (20 Feb)



These are some pictures of my drawings from 20 February.  I was working in a moleskine sketchbook which works well for pens, pencils and silverpoint but not so much for ink (used as a wash) and watercolor.  Now in fairness this was not the watercolor paper sketchbook which would have worked perfectly.  I used what I had.

Adam is holding onto a staff for additional support, with one hand behind his back.  I usually prefer drawing his back when it’s dramatically lit and that night was no exception.

A two or three minute sketch

A two or three minute sketch

The problem with this sketch is that I got way to into the shapes of the shadows and did not correctly draw the dynamic pose.  I gave up on this sketch and started working on just trying to capture what his shoulders were doing in contrast to the angle of his hip.

The sketch on the right is an attempt to just get the angles correct without really worrying about massing things in correctly.

Third sketch of the evening

Third sketch of the evening

The next sketch shows where I took that thumbnail.  This is a new sketch and again the emphasis was strictly on capturing the dynamics of Adan’s pose.

I’d like to think I learned something from class that evening.  Part of it was simply trying to work when I felt unable to settle or unwell.  Another bigger lesson was concentrating on capturing the dynamics of a pose vice getting so lost in the shadows.

I like the power in the third image even though I didn’t get to finish it (this was completed in the last 15 minutes of  class).


4 responses to “My Friday Night Work (20 Feb)

  1. Hey, nice work!

    I had a question about a previous post you made.

    Do you have more anatomy studies from robert Liberace like the ones you posted in this post?

  2. Hi Heirwegh,
    I am going to post a leg demo in a few.
    Thank you for stopping in!

  3. Hola!

    I just took a mini-tour! I liked the youtube clip. Makes you wonder if she is using more than the standard 90%, doesn’t it?

    I like like like where you are going with your sketching and painting. I see your teacher’s style…I will be watching to see how yours develops!

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