Friday Night, Final Class

Adam by Robert Liberace

Adam by Robert Liberace

Last night was the last class of the term.  It’s always a little sad to hit our 4-week break; but at the same time it’s nice to have my Friday nights back.  This week Rob painted a wonderful tiny portrait of model.  Because the painting is only about 2-3 inches square, Rob chose to use a very smooth board.  He told us that working in a small scale demands a very smooth surface to allow you to really show subtle details.  He spent about 30 minutes on this demo.

Oil Sketch Study by Robert Liberace

Oil Sketch Study by Robert Liberace

This last term was really challenging for me because of  the format.  Robert started us on charcoal(which I am abysmal at) and then pen and ink studies, watercolor washes over ink and then finally oil grisaille.  It was comprehensive and stretched most of the

Last week Rob painted a gorgeous 30 minute demo on Adams’ legs.  It’s amazing how simple he makes this look.  The painting is a grisaille, using three basic colors, white (I believe he used titanium), raw umber and burnt sienna.

15-20 Minutes into the Demo

15-20 Minutes into the Demo

Rob started painting on toned linen.  You can see this is a very  simple sketch using raw umber.You can see in this picture that Rob refined both his shapes and shadows and added a strong mid-tone to the model’s upper thigh.

Through out the demo, Robert continued to refine the shadows and make corrections as needed.  Rob tends to paint in lines to describe the human form (some artists use curves, some boxes and some circles).

Rob will deliberately exaggerate an angle (for example the interior calf muscle) to prevent it from becoming too curvy or precious.At 15-twenty minutes into the demo you can see he’s started adding some minor variations into his mid-tones.  And early modeling of the form (strategic placement of lighter and darker mid-tones) has begun. Rob has done very little at this point with melting/merging the light and dark paint.

Below is the completed demo by Robert.

Completed Demo by Robert Liberace

Completed Demo by Robert Liberace

Note I had to repost this, for some reason I seem to have text alignment issues when posting photos from my laptop.


2 responses to “Friday Night, Final Class

  1. so did you purchases the small painting?

    • No I thought about it, because it would look great next to the tiny one I bought earlier.

      Rob said he’d cut the larger demo down for me as soon as I bring it in. 🙂

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