Friday the 13th Work

Female Torso Study

Female Torso Study

This is the painting I work on for the last two sessions of my class with Robert Liberace.  Marjorie gave me the panel, it is some type of wood and I honestly have no idea how she prepped it.  We ended up trading surfaces.  I had a large piece of toned linen but it was pretty unwieldy to maneuver.  I liked the panel although the brush dragged a little as I painted on it.

We had this model for three sittings.  For the first one I spend most of the session watching Rob’s demo and only about half of the class drawing.  I wanted to really work on her torso since there seemed to be quite a bit going on (i.e., folds of skin, core shadows cast shadows, reflections).

The model  wasn’t feeling well so for the second evening the pose was changed into something to make her comfortable.  She was reading a book which make things pretty awkward so I decided to not paint it; my interest was in the torso.

I tired painting her several times and kept wiping it out because there were a lot of foreshortening issues with where I was in relation to her pose.  Finally I figured it out and painted the shadows and her downcast head.  I put in a flesh mid-tone that simply did not work.  Usually you don’t want to go light but in this case she is pale so it had to be light.

Sadly I managed to completely kill the subtlety in the area of her abdomen right under her right breast.  I think I will let it dry and see if I can go in an tame some of it to less of a screaming pink (she had this wonderful dark blue transition tone there similar to what you see in a Rubens painting) which flattened everything out.

The last term, I was trying very hard to successfully transition from the grisaille to color.  This study is one step from a grisaille since I used an extremely limited palette  (umber, sienna and white with just a tiny bit of ultramarine blue).

This is a full size image of the thumbnail above.  Again it needs significant work but overall I am happy with the work I’ve finish so far.  I am starting to see that I am making progress and more importantly I can see the problems with the painting in a more positive way.  By that I mean I can see there is a dead spot on the abdomen and I know it needs reworked and toned down, I can see also where addition work needs to be done on the transition area of the upper left arm and the upper lateral chest.  At the same time I don’t feel the need to wipe this down.  I have learned quite a bit from it and I am making small steps.

Limited Palette Study

Limited Palette Study

2 responses to “Friday the 13th Work

  1. there is a quote you need to know about – from Georgia O’Keefe – it starts out something like “why are we so hard on ourselves – our best is good enough…” That is all I remember but wanted to share with you because we are all so hard on ourselves – probably due to making images of human beings as opposed to pots, quilts, dance steps, glass objects, etc.

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