Spring seems to have hit DC with a bang.

I was at the Maya Lin show at the Corcoran in DC and the cherry blossoms and dogwoods were gorgeous.

Here’s a pic of the dogwoods, I should be at the tidal basin in the next few days to take some pictures of the cherry blossoms.


5 responses to “Dogwoods

  1. Your art is wonderful. Also, how was the Maya Lin show? She’s one of my top 10, overall, artists.

  2. I didn’t know what to expect but it was impressive. I never in life thought I’d say I like the abstract wooden installation (2x4s”) but I did. It filled a gallery room and the light constantly changed what you were seeing.

    If you love her work you should definitely come to DC and see it. I took one pic (before I realized we weren’t allow–aka a guard yelled) but it doesn’t do the wooden piece justice. She had some amazing wire sculptures and an aluminum tube topography piece that you could walk under.

    The star of the show was the topographic Masonite reconstructions of a southwest Colorado mountain range.
    Well worth the visit (entrance fee is 10.00).

  3. Are those dogwoods – surely they’re magnolia?

  4. Hi Katherine,

  5. Actually I think they might be magnolias, gonna check-they’re not like the ones I am used to.

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