School Break, Electricity and Doves

My art class is on break for another few weeks and until this weekend I haven’t been out as much and I’d like.

I’ve had some trouble with my electric power and finally figure out that it was due to a bad element in my water heater which was responsible for drawing about 1700 kilowatts/month  over the last two months.  Either that or elves are stealing my amps.

So during the latter part of the week I had no power until the electrician called for a plumber which took another 3 days.  Ah the joys of cold water and owning your own home.  Everything is better now-yeah.

I have two doves that are now nesting in my savory herbs.  They are shielded behind my Meyers lemon tree, clementine and Jaffir lime trees (they’re dwarfs) as well as several rosemary plants.  So far she’s laid two eggs.  They are darker than mourning doves (or is it morning doves) and very cute.  Sadly it means I can’t use my back patio until the babies are hatched….

Pictures will follow.


2 responses to “School Break, Electricity and Doves

  1. Maybe not doves at all?
    If the eggs are golden….maybe its a goose!
    Ate at the seafood warehouse (King St) by your place yesterday…good food, but a bit fancy…..I think they use those golden eggs to make their omlets….
    Miss U and the gang….C U friday!

  2. You eat dove eggs?
    We will need to talk about this at the conference.

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