Friday Night Class

Class Demo, by Robert Liberace

Class Demo, by Robert Liberace

Well I didn’t do any work in class.  We’re now in two classrooms and one of the models didn’t show.  So I told Rob that I would model if I could buy the demo.  He accepted and this is the result.  Keep in mind that this is a 60-minute demo about creating a grisaille.

Rob used raw umber, titanium white. and a small amount of cad orange and burnt sienna.

At one point, during the 2nd session Rob started talking about my nose and it’s structure.  Now it was already a little itchy and the more he talked about it the itchier it got.  I thought it was funny.

Thank you Robert for letting me do this, it was a blast.


One response to “Friday Night Class

  1. Mongoose1 – not sure how else to reach you, I couldn’t find an email address on your blog.

    I am sure you get enough practice in with all the classes you take, but if you are ever interested in a figure model outside of class, please let me know. I’ve recently been trained by the local guild and have worked for one class and a couple open long pose sessions. I am looking to gain more experience, so if you or a few of your artist friends wanted a low-key session, I’d be interested. Fee is negotiable – I’d be willing to trade for a drawing or painting. If you’d like a reference, let me know. Or, if you want to have a chaperone with you, that would be fine too.

    While I have a “real job”, I often have flexibility in the morning or afternoon.

    Take care and I hope to hear from you. I am a white male, 30s, 5’8″, 160 pounds, average build.

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