Face Off-Portrait Society of America Conference (Pt 1)

Desi's Pose for the Face Off

Desi's Pose for the Face Off

On Thursday evening (25 April 2009) 15 portrait artists participated in a face off with five models in the grand ball room of the Reston Hyatt in Reston Virginia. The following nationally known and reknown artists participated: Laurel Boeck, Judith Carducci, Vasudeo Kamath, Ann Manry Kenyon, Ying-He Liu, Thomas Nash, Rich Nelson, Dawn Whitelaw Paul Newton, Anthony Ryder, Chris Saper, Jason Bouldin, Scott Burdick, Wende Caporale and of course Robert Liberace (yes I am biased!).

Anthony Ryder Paints During the PSOA Face Off

Anthony Ryder

The difficulty for the artist participating was to produce a fairly complete portrait or at least as much of the portrait as they could while subject to the scrutiny of hundreds were watching, photographing, and commenting as well as asking questions. Participating in this is certainly not for the faint of heart!

Robert Liberace

Robert Liberace

The organizers set the room up so that there were three artist per each model. This worked out fantastically since it allowed each artist to have a fair shot at a workable angle of a model and reduced crowding between artists as well as the artists and the crowds.  Due to space limitations I’d like to focus on the model Desi.  Anthony Ryder was set up to the model’s right, Judy Carducci was directly in front of Desi and Robert Liberace was to the model’s left.

I thought I’d taken a picture of Judi Carduci but sadly I can’t find the one of her in action.

These are the final results from Ryder, Carduci and Liberace.  Judi Carducci won the event (the conference attendees voted on this).  Now the best part of this was that the winner was allowed to select their model and Judi selected Robert Liberace as her model.  So on Friday morning Ms. Carducci gave a wonderful demo on painting a pastel portrait.

Desi by Anthony Ryder

Desi by Anthony Ryder

Desi by Judi Carducci

Desi by Judi Carducci

Desi by Robert Liberace

Desi by Robert Liberace

Due to posting length I will make a second posting with pictures of the other artists working during the event.


3 responses to “Face Off-Portrait Society of America Conference (Pt 1)

  1. Thanks for posting this – wish I had been there!

  2. I appreciate your taking the time to post pictures and notes re PSA faceoff/demos –
    while Liberace is “the man” you cannot deny how good Tony Ryder and Paul Newton are as well. Newton seems to have caught a certain fleeting sensitivty that caused me to draw a breath when I saw it.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      I thought Paul Newton’s work was amazing. I love the model he was lucky enough to paint and at first glance it looks like it would be easy -but her face has character and beauty and it’s tough to paint her and really capture her personality and likeness.

      I loved watching Tony Ryder paint I’ve been a fan of his since I lived out west. In fact I tired to figure out a way to attend his academy but it just didn’t work out. I have to find the picture of his palette since he uses and extensive one.


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