The Portrait in Three Color Chalk

Robert Liberace’s DvD titled, The Portrait in Three Color Chalk is now available online.  If you have a credit card or have a paypal account you can order and pay for the video.  I’ve only watched about 20 minutes of it so far and it is amazing!

We had a great class tonight and I really struggled.  Our model’s were both great but I could not seem to get settled.  I started painting my portrait three times and ended up wiping it three times.  I finally surrendered to the idea I wouldn’t accomplish a thing and decided to not get upset.  I went into the other class room where Rob was demo-ing and sat through that instead.  It was great watching him work with a will.

Part of the reason I couldn’t settle down is that I am in the process of buying a larger place to live and it’s been pretty nerve wracking so far. The fact that I will be away for a few days on business is making things a little tougher as well.

Oh well it will all work out in the end.  This house is not my dream house but it has great bones, a huge lot, plenty of room and a new kitchen, furnace, AC and appliances.  It’s fairly quirky in an older property way but since my current home is 150 years old I guess I am fine with older places.


3 responses to “The Portrait in Three Color Chalk

  1. I ordered it yesterday but will have a longish wait before it arrives here in New Zealand. So looking forward to it – and the others being released.

    • Hi Mark,
      Well the DvD is pretty awesome so I think you will love it. I wonder if you could email Rob and ask him to express mail it to you? You would probably have to pay extra on the postage but you’d get it pretty fast-heck if he sends it priority I’ve found that is often treated like an ‘express’ package over seas so you could receive it fairly fast. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Dear Mongoose,
    This DVD seems indeed excellent. Do you know if Rob discusses the logic behind color temperature (cool vs warm) as he works? Or is the emphasis solely on the “how”, rather than the “why”?
    I’ve finally saved up enough money to purchase one of Rob’s DVDs, and am looking very much forward to it. 🙂

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