Some Changes

I apologize for the recent lack of posts.  I was in the middle of house hunting which consumed the lions share of my free time.  Now having finally found a home I like (although it needs some renovation) I am in the middle of packing things up for a move.

Hopefully things will calm down in another two weeks or so.  I will start working on a post documenting the progrees of my painting in Rob’s class.  We’ve had the same model for four evenings so far and we get her for one more week!  I am actually pretty happy with how my work went last night.


4 responses to “Some Changes

  1. I find moving (a room, or a whole residence) both exhaustive and exciting. Oh, the possibilities! Oh, the boxes…. I’ve just moved my studio, and I’m delighted with the new layout, but it was a bear of a process. I hope your move, and the ensuing renovations, all go smoothly. Congrats on your new house!

  2. Thank you Belinda!
    The demo (on a wall) starts this week and I can’t wait til everything is done so that I can move in.

  3. Hi, I just joined the Sketchercise group and came over to say HI and see what you do. Love your blog, both informative and entertaining (the pig and wolf video). I am looking forward to everyone’s experiences.

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