Artist Seth Haverkamp

Work From Seth Haverkamp's Class

Work From Seth Haverkamp's Class

Several weeks ago I took a one day class with artist Seth Haverkamp at his studio in Northern Virginia.  Seth is a talented student in Robert Liberace’s evening course.   I always look at how quickly he works and am amazed.

In 2008, Seth won the Portrait Society of America’s Best  of Show Award.  He painting of his daughter Echo is brilliant and I think it really reflects the time he spent studying at Studio Incamminati.

Seth had us set up and did a quick demo.  What he asked us to do was a very quick and minimal initial drawing of the model.  By minimal I mean some lines to show the shoulders relative to head and neck and a quick line to place nose, eyes, and mouth. That was it.

His point was that for the class we would be painting the shapes we saw in the models face, instead of taking the time to create a detailed initial drawing, we were to concentrate on matching the color and color temperatures as well as getting the exact shape we saw down on canvas.

Color, bright colors were our friend. This of course immediately made me rather nervous since color application to a grisaille is something I struggle with.  I joked about it in class and Seth did his best to reassure me.

I worked really had during this class to see and accurately paint the colors I saw on the model’s skin.  One of the great things about painting this way is that you have plenty of paint on the panel/linen and it really allows you to manipulate the edges and shapes of the painting.

I really liked the final results of the portrait I painted in this class and used what I learned to play with paint in the final session of Rob’s class.  Robert wasn’t there (they were all in Ireland painting) and I loved the painting that I had worked on for the previous four weeks.  I decided to leave my painting along and to  try Seth’s techniques.


8 responses to “Artist Seth Haverkamp

  1. severnyproductions

    He is a really talented artist. With the right ideas about how to structure a peice

  2. Isn’t he just amazing? The coolest thing about Seth (besides his talent) is that he is such a great decent guy.

  3. that’s my favorite head I’ve seen you do!! nice work.. cool to get to study w/Seth! -kevin

  4. Hi Kevin -thanks for the great comments. I still want a one of your paintings of a baby!

    Hey, Kate asked me to let you know about Ada the model-I will do a short post on in in a few….

  5. I will make a contribution today! I hope she is doing alright.. very bad news!!!!


  6. She’s recovering. WE raised approx $4300 which won’t begin to cover her medical expenses. However it should help with some of her expenses and even more important, it lets her know people care about her.

  7. Hey, this is Seth’s dad, here. I was browsing and ran across this post. How nice to hear about the class, and glad Seth has offerings as a teacher as well as being a genuinely nice guy. Speaking objectrively, of course, not a bad artist, either.

    • Hi Keith,
      Well those of us who have either studied with him or who have been in Rob’s class with him are always in awe of his talent. He’s quite an amazing artist! As for the nice guy- I agree, he’s great.

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