Slight delay

I am still not 100% up on the internet-have to work on installing a new router, which means unpacking a few more things.  So, I am still out of pocket for awhile.

Most of the painting on the first floor is done on my new place, need to finish the windows and some minor touch ups.  It’s a huge relief to be almost finished.  Yeah.

Friday at class was great- we have a model for a three-week pose and they put him in a gorgeous pose that looks great from any angle.  Because I have two more sessions I am not rushing things on the drawing.

A guy named Mark showed up for the class, he’s studying in Italy and after class he showed me the work he’s been doing in class-imagine; 4  hours a day for five weeks on one pose (charcoal).  The pictures were great but I’d like to see the drawings in person.  He’s showing up next week to talk about the academy he’s attending~I can’t wait!


3 responses to “Slight delay

  1. Mongoose,
    Don’t U remember Mark….He signed up for class last Jan but couldn’t make it since he had to leave for Italy? He was at your condo the morning of signup…..he was first in line. I met him at Rob’s workshop in NC last year. His work is really excellent! Does he know the young ladie in class who also took the classes in Italy? Glad to hear the house “fixing” is coming along!

  2. Hi, looks like you are almost back to the blog world. If good thoughts will help you with all your hardwork and probably muscle pain then I am sending my good thoughts.

  3. Lol, of course I remember Mark Silly- 🙂
    How are you feeling? You’re sorely missed.

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