Male Torso-

Male Torso, by Robert Liberace

Male Torso, by Robert Liberace

Three weeks ago, Robert created this torso in class.  It was done very quickly but turned out beautifully.  I especially love the area along the shoulder and arms you can see how skillfully the shadows were rendered.

This was drawn on tinted twinrocker paper with the verithin pencils.  Because he had a limited time, Rob concentrated on the torso instead of worrying about trying to capture the entire figure.

The only highlights were placed using an eraser and in two or three places a ‘white’ general’s charcoal pencil.


2 responses to “Male Torso-

  1. How does he tone his paper and where do u get twin rocker paper

  2. Hi Daryl,
    Robert taught us to tone with watercolors. I’ve seen him use a pale blue as well as his normal ochre wash.

    Once the paper is dry, he applies a thin layer of amber shellac mixed 1:5 with denatured or rubbing alcohol. It should dry very quickly and then the paper is ready for use.

    You can purchase twinrocker paper by visiting their website at
    They are extemely helpful and have phenomenal customer service!

    Take care.

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