Friday Evening Class-Silverpoint

Silverpoint, Seated Female

Silverpoint, Seated Female

Last night we had a gorgeous model as well as a talented artist in her own right.  This is one of the model’s who donated her time for a fundraiser for Ada.  I was really happy when I found out we’d have her for two nights.  So I dithered between colored pencil and silverpoint.  I finally asked Rob which one he’d suggest and he immediately replied silverpoint so away I went.

Before class had started, I’d shown up early and prepped the paper in my new moleskine sketchbook.  Now if your like me when you think of molskines you think small-say 6 x 9ish….yeah-not so much anymore.  Moleskine introduced a folio size  (16.6 x 11.8)  in for watercolors, sketchbooks and my favorite, grid squares (I am such a geek). The cheapest place to buy the moleskin A3 is at, it sells for 26.40 instead of the normal retail price of $40.00.  A less expensive option could be the A4 folios which measure in at 11.6 x 8.4 and sell for $19.77 versus $29.95 (at Amazon).

I prepped the first two pages with watercolor and then the amber shellac mixture.  Then I prepped the next two pages with Plaka.

This is the first attempt at drawing the model.  As

The First Silverpoint Attempt.

The First Silverpoint Attempt.

you can see, the figure is pretty static.  There is no sense of movement and frankly she looks like she could have been drawn from my imagination or a photograph.

I think I got a little too carried away with the skin folds along the models right side.  No idea why but the only thing I really like about this drawing is how I started rendering her head, neck and hair.

So after Robert’s critique and his quick line drawing I decided to give this a second shot.  I am glad I did, since I really like the direction the second drawing is now heading.

Did I forget to mention that I love silverpoint but I tend to make my shadows too light (just like my pencil work-sigh).


4 responses to “Friday Evening Class-Silverpoint

  1. severnyproductions

    these are good drawings

  2. Wow, Silverpoint! Can’t really see the drawings that well at this size but you’re courageous to work in such an unforgiving medium. Personally, I would tend to want to exaggerate the skin folds. Maybe that’s why nobody wants me to draw them =)

  3. Thank you for the kind comments Severny.

    Bill, could be…I tend to go too light but you can always add some. If you prep the paper with plaka (havne’t tried the golden acrylic company’s ground yet) you can erase a small amount with a kneaded eraser-but only a bit.

    Love what you’ve been doing this summer btw.

  4. Just looking at the drawing, I thought you had left the shadows too light to emphasize the slightly darker contour line. Anyway, it works!

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