Liberace DVD Release, Class Registration and Workshops in Virginia


The Figure In Motion

The Figure In Motion

The Figure in Motion


Artist Robert Liberace is preparing for the release of his second instructional DVD titled, The Figure in Motion in late August.  If you are interested in this wonderful video or you want to purchase his first instructional DVD, The Portrait in Three Color Chalk, you can go to his website to order the video(s).  I can’t wait to see the newest video, it should be awesome!



Robert Liberace Alexandria Art League Workshops 2009-2010

I was in line again at the Alexandria Art League at 4am this morning.  It was dark and there were hordes of mosquitos flying in formation (don’t they ever sleep) but I survived and should be in class this fall!

For those of you in the local/metro DC area-registration at the Alexandria Art League starts today for the 2009-2010 school year.  This means that you can sign up online or via fax for classes in the fall term as well as workshops. 

For those outside of the local/metro DC area, you can also sign up for any workshop being held through out the school year effective today.  Robert is teaching four workshops through the Art League:

If you can’t make any of these, check his website for additional workshops that may be closer to your home.  I know he travels to North Carolina, Washington State, Florida as well as Puerto Rico, Italy and Ireland.  You can find information about these addition workshops at Robert’s website

I am not certain if there are any slots still available for artistic anatomy-if you’re thinking about it I’d recommend trying to enroll online or calling the school directly at 703-683-2323. 

For those from out of town, recommend you stay in old town if possible there is a Hilton Hotel, Embassy Suites, as well as several Kimpton Properties (Morrison House, Hotel Monaco, Lorien Hotel and Spa and several others within a short drive of Alexandria.  If you stay close to the King Street Metro Station, or you’re traveling in on the metro keep in mind that there is a free trolley service that goes from the King Street Metro Station to Union Street (the street closest to the Potomac river).  Try to find something within easy access to either the metro or you can drive and park at the Duke Street Annex of the Art League where Robert’s classes and workshops are held. 

Feel free to leave a comment here if you have any questions regarding the information this post.  I’ve taken both the Portrait Painting workshop as well as the two Anatomy workshops (lower and upper) and I’d be happy to help. If you’re on facebook you can also post questions at the Robert Liberace facebook group.  Happy painting!

Ethics disclosure– I read an interesting post on the Pigtown*Design blog concerning a blogger code of ethics.  I love this idea, Meg suggests that we bloggers should warn their readership if they are being compensated for their postings. 

Since I am write a great deal about Robert’s art classes, workshops and products (DvDs, plaka, twinrocker paper-etc), I’d like to state clearly that I receive no remuneration or compensation from Robert Liberace, the Alexandria Art League or any hotels mentioned here.  I receive no products, trial samples etc from any product I’ve mentioned in my blog.  Ever.  I just blog about learning with Rob because he’s an awesome teacher and my classmates are amazing artists in their own rights. I also like to write about things that do or do not work for me with oil painting.


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