Demolition Derby

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

The first thing I did in my new home was to knock the walls down! Okay it’s just one wall but here are the pics that show the progress so far.

It’s strange to think that the first thing you do upon closing on a house is cause it significant damage to two rooms and a hall, but it was a case of easier to do this now (before I moved in) vice waiting too long.  The walls are old-plaster mixed with horsehair on metal mesh.  My new neighbor told me he removed his plaster and it was absolutely disgusting. Since I have breathing problems,  it was a wiser pay someone else to do this.

The dining room had wainscoting around it’s walls which was probably wonderful when it was added but 80-90 years of paint build up almost obscured and obliterated the actual grooves in the wainscoting.  Since I am not sure whether I will keep the 2-sided fireplace I wanted both rooms to be uniform in appearance.

Curved Hall (pre-demo)

Curved Hall (pre-demo)

The dining room also has a small half-bath tucked underneath the stairs.  The door to the half-bath was a bifold door.  The contractor replaced this door with a small normal door and framed it in beautifully. The hallway party wall had dentil molding, so the contractor removed it and  matched it with the existing crown molding in the living room.

Once all of the construction work was finished, the floors were sanded down and then stained with Minwax gunstock.  If you look close at the floor you can see the color difference between where the wall sat and the rest of the floor but I love it since it looks well weathered.  Most people who have seen it assume the floors haven’t’ been touched but are in fabulous condition-which is what I was hoping for.

Hall Wall Demo-ed

Hall Wall Demo-ed

It took just over two days and 1.5 gallons of ceiling paint to finish the ceilings in both rooms.  I painted them with a diluted mix of Benjamin Moore’s Linen White (at 50%) and painted the walls with Linen White.

I primed the new drywall with tinted primer and then applied two coats of paint the the walls in the living room and the dining room.  The crown moulding and wood trim was painted with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White.

I love how the White Linen looks in different lights.  It is a warm pale white that looks like butter was stirred in; at night it gets paler but it’s still pretty.

I will post pictures of the living room and dining room next week once most of the final touches are completed.

So, what do you think? Messy huh?


4 responses to “Demolition Derby

  1. Hope you clean up before I visit

  2. Yes of course I will- I am actually done with down stairs (except for figuring out where the art will go). Now its trying to figure out colors for the bedroom, the color I picked D-40 from olympic is way too purple at night. So it’s back to the drawing board.

  3. I vote for santa fe orange…. oh wait… that’s what it was.

    Answer your phone wench

  4. It’s now olympic color D40 which came out a really pretty pale pale blue with periwinkly hints. At least that how it came out over a coat of primer and god knows how many coats of harvest gold flat paint.

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