Three Rivers

The View From Mount Washington

The View From Mount Washington

I was in Pittsburgh with friends this weekend.  They were kind enough to invite me to several of the Netroots Nations venues.

On Saturday, I attended two exciting events. sponsored and event with artist Shepard Fairey.  Shepard had two versions of his newest print supporting clean energy Power Up Windmill.  You can also download a free pdf of this image as well at the website.

Power Up Windmill, by Shepard Fairey

Power Up Windmill, by Shepard Fairey

Shepard is a great guy who is very approachable.  I was able to talk to him for a few minutes when the party first opened.  After signing posters for about 40 minutes, he got up on the stage with Ilsye Hogue political advocate and communications director who introduced Shepard.

When he addressed the crowd he spoke briefly and urged us to get into action promoting clean energy.  He talked about how he used his art to promote causes and issues that were important.  He encouraged us to use  to make our talent and art to further the issues we as believe in.

Afterward we headed to the Pirates new stadium at the PNC Park.  Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) and the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) who hosted a night on the field.  I had a blast and got to hit some balls with one of Jose Bautista’s practice bats.  Later we goofed around and took pictures in the dugout.  I can remember being a little girl at the games (at Three Rivers Stadium) and hanging out near the dugout pleading for autographs.  So last night was a dream come true.


2 responses to “Three Rivers

  1. Remember the pictures with us and Steve Blass before he imploded with the Cy Young award? (Why is that award always the kiss of death for pitchers?)

  2. Yes and you stole my baseball; proving that you’re the evil one.

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