A New Love-Mr. John Dickson Batten

The Garden of Adonis - Amoretta and Time, John Dickson Batten, 1887

The Garden of Adonis - Amoretta and Time, John Dickson Batten, 1887

My new love’s name is John Dickson Batten.  He is an artist and he is British.  Sadly for me he’s also rather dead.  Mr. Batten was a pre-raphaelite painter who lived from 1860-1932.

I was able to view his painting, Amoret in the Garden of Adonis at the Carnegie Mellon Art Museum in Pittsburgh.  It was gorgeous.

I remember reading about the pre-raphaelites and that they felt that each detail must be painted from life, even down to the individual blades of grass.  So when I recovered my wits from the beauty of the painting I started looking very closely at it.

Detail of the Head

Detail of the Head

Now I know at first glance this just seems, well pretty, perhaps you don’t find it inspired?  But, the anatomy is beautiful and seemed quite correct and the skin tones are wonderful. Here is a close up of her head and upper shoulders.

I find it lovely.

I’ve posted some additional details below-in order to make them large enough to appreciate I am limiting my narrative.  I will also post the largest size I can of the original picture at the bottom.


Close up of the White Rose

Close up of the White Rose

The Right Fot

The Right Foot

Detail of Flowers along the Edge of the Painting

Detail of Flowers along the Edge of the Painting

Blades of Grass

Blades of Grass

The Garden of Adonis - Amoretta and Time, by John Dickson Batten

The Garden of Adonis - Amoretta and Time, by John Dickson Batten

7 responses to “A New Love-Mr. John Dickson Batten

  1. I was delighted to see your comments on John Dickson Batten’s painting. The artist was my husband’s grandfather and this particular work hung in my sitting room for several years. You might be interested to know that Amoretta was modelled on JDB’s wife, Mary Batten, who was an accomplished artist in her own right. Your site really does justice to the painting.

  2. Hello Mrs Batten,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

    I love the fact that his wife was the model, do you know if he used her in other paintings? Also did she use her married name? I will have to google her and see if I can find examples of her work.
    I am not certain how you could have parted with such a wonderful painting, I am glad that you did though since so many people will have the chance to see it in the flesh. Thank you!

    Can you clarify something for me? The museum website refers to the painting as “The Garden of Adonis – Amoretta and Time” but the placard next to the painting stated it was “Amoret in the Garden of Adonis”. Do you know which title was correct?

    Thank you again for stopping by.

  3. Cindy, I have to admit I fell in love with that painting a few years ago. It was my first visit to the museum and i could not stop looking at that painting. I would walk away only to find myself seeking it out again. The details are so delicate, it truly is impossible to describe. Thank you for your wonderful photos. And I do not know how that woman was able to part with it, but I’m so glad she did!

  4. I know how you feel. I love that the painting is there for everyone to enjoy.

    Thank you for stopping in Nancy!

  5. Hello, the work was done in oils and it currently hangs in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Mellon Museum (in Oakland).

    One of the previous commentator’s husband is a relative of Mr. Batten so she might be able to shed more light on him for you.

  6. Hello Imogen,

    I have chosen to write my uni thesis on John Battens artwork. In Australia we currently have 2 of his works in the Art Gallery of NSW. Would you happen to know about any private collectors or Museums/Galleries that currently hold Batten’s artworks in their possession? My thesis involves writing an exhibition proposal; to which I also need to indicate loan agreements and locations of current artworks.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Alex,
      This one hangs in Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh PA. I am not certain who hold his other works.

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