Paint Made Flesh

This show is at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.  The Phillips is on 1600 21st St NW and the number is
(202) 387-2151 if you need more information or directions.

This is a tour of the Paint Made Flesh at the Phillips Collection. Interesting how the delivery seems so different. Although you see the paintings better, the delivery is bone dry.

Here is the best one I found. There were several versions of this with different music. I liked the soundtrack best on this one so I used it, enjoy.


7 responses to “Paint Made Flesh

  1. Looks like a great show. The only thing I miss about the East Coast is the museums.

  2. The Show is the best.

  3. Oh I wish I could see this. I’m a huge fan of Jenny Sayville.

  4. ..,.of course it helps to spell her name correctly. Saville.

  5. Hi Amanda, I will be heading to the Phillips this weekend. I can’t wait since I love Jenny Saville as well.
    It always feels like she took Lucian Freud’s painting of Leigh Bowery one step further.

    I checked you tube and there was only one version of her work-but it’s pretty interesting. I linked it in the original post.

    BTW I totally love you latest sketches and have adored your tiny gardens since you started posting pictures of them.

  6. Hi Walter,
    Just curious what grabbed you the most about it?
    I always love hearing and thinking about what particular work affected someone and why, so if you have the time I’d love to hear about it.

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