Another year older, soon…

and hopefully a tad wiser but who knows?

Green Grass

Green Grass

I wanted to wish my evil twin sister the happiest of birthdays as well.  You are the best sister and dearest friend that anyone could be blessed to have or to share.  Knowing you and growing up with you has been bumpy ride but a fun one all the same.  Life is richer with you in it my evil twin sister!

I had the chance to visit the town I grew up in recently.  Its gotten more beautiful in some places and worse for the wear in others.  In spite of the stories of revitalization, I found the neighborhood I grew up in sad and battered.  Looking at the houses where my relatives and friends lived, seeing the lack of pride, the filth and decay was very difficult for me.

I kept thinking oh my god that was Wanda and Jewel’s house, Gus lived there, Emily lived here.  The homes have new owners, renters and occupants.  It looks like they don’t love it like we did.  The yards with the gorgeous irises, gone.  The neighbor with her displays of tulips and roses gone and filled with trash.  My aunts beautiful border of lilies of the valley long gone.

This city is different now and I have to say that I used to entertain fantasies of moving back here.  But after this visit I can’t ever see that happening.


5 responses to “Another year older, soon…

  1. That’s exactly why I’d never move back there…and for many other reasons as well. Overall I think its a depressing place to live….even in “burgh-suburbia”….LOL

  2. But you were a suburban boy….geez you guys had it made oh “lessons at the Carnegie” boy 😉

  3. What!!! You won’t be in class tonite????
    I will be leaving something on your front door after class…..

    I was a suburban boy…..but city boy at heart! I did and still do have a distaste for the suburban philosophy…..the “haves vs the have nots”…..

  4. Knock on the door we should be back, I was invited on a tour of the White House tonight, there is no way you can turn that down!

  5. Depressing picture 😦

    Happy Birthday and thank you for the lovely comments. (Where do I send the kickback )

    I love you, brat

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