Waiting (again) on Liberace!

The Figure In Motion

The Figure In Motion

I’ve been dying for artist Robert Liberace’s newest DVD to come out.  Rob said last week that it should be out shortly.  I keep checking Robert’s website to see if the purchase link is up but no luck yet.

I am not sure if he will be bringing copies to class and if he does I will be bummed since I have to miss class this week.  I will go into that more in a post this weekend.

In addition to the new DVD Robert is offering an on-line class with American Artist Magazine.  They’ve just started an online school, this is the course description:

Creating Masterful Portraits in Three Color Chalk will take your drawing to the next level with Rob’s in depth lessons on technique, use of color and demonstrations with each lesson.  Students will learn about master techniques, features through anatomy study, and flesh hues.

This class will provide students with close interaction with Rob, 6 lessons delivered on-line, a kickoff webinar and an option to have two critiques directly from Rob.

The online class format is new to American Artist, but this is how it works:

  • The class will launch on September 1st at 11 am EST with a webinar, a live seminar on the web that you can watch through the internet and listen to via phone.
  • Then each week following, there will be one lesson with practice applications added to the site for you to view and complete at your own convenience.
  • Along with the lessons, there will be an open forum for discussion with peers and the instructor.
  • There is also the option to complete the class with two critiques from Rob.  If you’re planning on taking that option, you’ll need to be able to upload your work digitally in a jpeg format.

If you are thinking about taking the class I highly recommend taking the class with the critiques.  Rob provides very specific feedback that helps his student’s tremendously here at the Art League.  So if you’re a little nervous about a critique, please don’t worry-he’s great.  Honest.

I am trying to talk my sister into signing up for this class since she’d really enjoy it and I’ve already told Rob how talented my sister is with colored pencil and silverpoint.


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