Sunday Drawing Class

Dying Slave Boy

Dying Slave Boy

As if my life weren’t busy enough with Friday evening classes with Robert Liberace and the occasional Saturday class with Seth Heverkamp, I am also taking a Sunday drawing class with Artist Jin Chung through the Alexandria Art League.

This last Sunday the model couldn’t make it so Jin brought in two casts.  One was of a greek or roman slave boy who was dying and the other was a rough one of Brutus (of the I killed Caesar fame).

I was surprised halfway through the drawing when Jin told me it was a boy and not a girl I was drawing (it does explain the adams apple-sigh).  Yes I guess it should have been obvious but I was sitting at an angle to the cast.

Cast with Drawing

Cast with Drawing

Number one I made the mistake of thinking this would be easy, yeah not so much.  Yes the ‘model’ doesn’t move but I could not seem to get the facial proportions correct.  I redrew the nose, chin and lips several times but as you can see from the picture it’s all off.  I dislike my drawing intensely.

I used vine charcoal on Strathmore charcoal paper and it was messy but I have found I rather enjoy charcoal in this class.  No idea why since I usually hate charcoal and feel like pigpen using it.

So I have vowed that my cast would not defeat me-I plan on printing the photos out in a grayscale and using those ala Bargue to do my cast drawing.  Can you tell I’ve been playing more World of Warcraft than is good for me?


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