There Are Days

There are days that cause you to hold your breath in wonder and those which make you catch your breath for other reasons.  For some reason it feels like the last six weeks have been like that for me.

Sadly, one of the first things that seems to suffer is my ability to post.

I’m currently visiting friends and simply enjoying San Francisco again.  I was here last year and every time I visit I love this place a little more.  I had lunch with friends who urged me to move out here.  Of course the problem is the outrageous cost of living here.  I doubt I could ever do it, but it’s fun to dream.

Tomorrow SF Museum of Modern Art, I wonder if that Matisse will be back up (the Conversation)?   I really want to see it in person.  It’s a friend’s favorite painting and I really want to see if I can understand the attraction of it.  I am a firm believer that an individual’s taste in books, music and art can reveal so much about them.   But, when dealing with modern art, how to translate what a love of a work really means?  I wonder what my friends think when they see the Sesow paintings or some of the odder political posters up?

Well back to San Francisco, King Tut is also in town so I will probably head over there this week as well.  Wonder if he’ll serve tea?  It’s funny because every time I see a banner about the show  I have Steve Martin with his SNL skit and song flashing through my head.

One other note, my love affair with with Japanese pastry (i.e., all things mochi) continues.  Although the strange jelly I bought at the store was -well odd-for the most part I’ve been enjoying the sampling of mochi I bought in the Japanese bakery on Market today!

It’s odd but every meal so far has been at an asian or asian fusion place.  Tonight I ate at the Slanted Door on the pier and the view of the bay bridge was beautiful.  The conversation was good and the food was amazing.  Although they claim to be a Vietnamese place, the only thing on the menu (at least to me) that qualifies are the spring rolls.  These are fresh and delightful but to be honest they are or can be the just as good home made or at a Vietnamese place back home.  I do recommend that if you eat there, you try the lamb sausage and oyster dish as a starter and if you’re a carnivore go for the ribeye.  The brussel sprouts were nice but I prefer the ones in DC (at Hank’s) far better. Finish your meal with the classic creme brulee.  Trust me on this.





3 responses to “There Are Days

  1. When I was there last yr for work I stayed at
    …a great boutique hotel right next to the entrance to Chinatown. Chinatown was great…a lot to see/experience. However, didn’t like the museum of modern art (de Young) and the new building—ugly (compared to the beautiful old building). Maybe just because of my bias toward classical everything…architecture and art. The Legion of Honor museum, on the other hand, was great! IMHO. I was able to see an exhibit of DaVinci’s red chaulk drawings…..and of course I would be comparing the work of DaVinci to our favorite contemporary master artist and friend, Robert Liberace. On a scale of 1-10 … DaVinci would get a 10…..Rob would get at least a 15+…..IMHO of course. If you’re ever in SF again check out the “Green” boutique hotel I stayed in next to the Chinatown entrance Gate.

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