Colorado and then a Snow Storm



Sorry for the lack of posts.   It seems difficult to get back on track when you’re literally zipping all over the states.  I spent Thanksgiving in San Francisco California where I manged to get a whopper of a cold/flu.

As a result I was down for the count for quite a while and stayed home for another week trying to recover.

I also had a ski trip scheduled for Colorado in the middle of December.  Aspen is gorgeous and I highly recommend it.  Although if you are either recovering from a bad case of the flu, or suffer from asthma or have any problems with breathing you’re in for some interesting times.  All I can say is to make sure you pack an inhaler.

The town was beautiful and very small,  but of course the highlight was the skiing.  I only felt well enough to hit the slopes towards the end of the week but they were amazing.  I traveled with a friend who learned to ski on the trip,  so we stuck to the easier area (Buttermilk Mountain).  You can ski from the top of the mountain to the parking lot.

Whats even better is if you ski Aspen (the gondola in town) you can end your run at Starbucks.  What could be better?

On the flight home we learned that our connecting flight was canceled (right as we were boarding-oh joy).  It took almost 36 hours to arrive back into DC.  All said and done it was worth the trip.

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