I had two couples over for Christmas dinner, this was my first in the new place and it great.  Very laid back.  I asked everyone to wear jeans and flannel so we could all be comfy and funny.

The day got off to a rocky start (at least the cooking did) because I’d cleaned the oven and then turned it off.  when I popped the turkey in I thought it was on so the poor bird sat in there for about 40 minutes without cooking.

I had to call both couples and ask them to delay showing up til at least 4pm.

I served turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, candied yams and macaroni and cheese.  My friends brought deserts which were to die for.  A wonderful chocolate cake trimmed in fresh berries and a gingerbread village, home-made fudge and cookies.

We ate and talked and snacked until 10pm.  It was lovely and relaxed which is what I’d been aiming for.  I leave it to others to dress up, to me Christmas should involve being comfortable and flannel (and jeans) should be encouraged

Although the food was great, what made the day so special was sharing it with those I love.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to


2 responses to “Christmas

  1. Sorry didn’t call….out of towners kept me very busy. Sounds like the day went well. I was planning on doing some art…..big surprise….didn’t even pick up a pencil….other than to mark out lines for my crown molding….. I spent the last 6 days in jeans…and didn’t shave til this morning. Thanks for the invite….just like mongoose to always be thinking of others….your phone message brightened my day…. Going to New Jersey Wednesday…..Happy New Year…. Can’t wait for Rob’s class to start….and to see my art buddies….I miss U guys….

  2. Your poor face when you do shave! Are you going to NYC for the ball drop?

    Well you were missed and we had a blast, you should see the tiny cakes that Deena made. Gorgeous!

    Santa brought me some of those wonderful caran d’arche luminence pencils. I can’t wait to try them, but my old fear of jeez these are too good to waste learning is already kicking in.

    Have fun in NJ!

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