Twinrocker Paper Sale!

For those of you who have wanted to try the paper —

I received this in an email today!
Greetings to all our friends and valued customers,

We’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to stay in touch with you on a more regular basis to let you know about the special artist and book papers we’re making,  limited over-runs when they become available, and more!  To kick off  our new commitment to you, we’re beginning the new year with a TOTAL IN-STOCK PAPER SALE! It’s actually the first ever in our 36 year history and probably won’t happen again any time soon.   So this is a great time to order your favorite papers and to try some new ones you haven’t used before.  ANY IN-STOCK PAPER ORDER PLACED NOW THROUGH THE END OF MARCH, IN WHICH YOU MENTION THIS NEWSLETTER, WILL RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT!! You can view the current inventory of all in-stock paper on our web site

To find the current inventory on our web site, just click on “Select & Order Handmade Paper” on the right hand side of the Home Page, then scroll down to either Watercolor Paper or All Purpose Papers and click on the down arrow to see the available colors.  When you click on a color name, you’ll be able to see the current inventory with the description of size, thickness, surface, price per sheet and the total number of sheets available.  Here’s the link to that page (

To order, you can either call us M-F 9-5pm and mention this newsletter or you can order on our web site and mention this newsletter in the comment section.   The best way to see the big variety of Twinrocker handmade paper colors is to have a Swatch Set which you can order for $15 post paid.  Most of the paper colors are available in several different thicknesses, and the Swatch Set is just an example of the color; all the available thicknesses are described in the inventory

We are currently making a large run of White Watercolor Paper.  Now you can order that special size or shape you’ve always wanted.  We will make any custom size smaller than 22×30 without the $55.00 custom deckle charge and the normal custom order set up fee $250.00. There will be a 25 sheet minimum order. This offer is only good until we break down the watercolor vat, which will be sometime in late January.

When we make paper, there naturally are a few slightly flawed or irregular sheets that happen from time to time.   While inspecting the paper after it’s made, we set those “seconds” aside so that only “firsts” go into the inventory on our web site.  However, these “seconds” can be quite a bargain because they are normally discounted 30% off the retail price.  We only sell “seconds” to individuals, not to retail stores, and only announce their availability in this newsletter.  Normally, people need to call us to find out what “seconds” are available.  Presently we have 110 “seconds” of 22×30 art weight White All Purpose seconds that can be purchased for 50% off retail.  Most of these sheets have some tiny specs on the surface of one side that can be removed with tweezers, an erasure, and some patience. The other side of the sheet is perfect.  so you can see this is quite a bargain.

Well, all these savings and custom watercolor papers should get your artistic juices flowing toward an exciting 2010!
Happy New Year!

Travis Becker
Director and Master Papermaker
Twinrocker Hand Made Paper


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