Snowzilla 2009

My Street

My Street

Well the snow started in earnest about 5pm last night.  We hunkered down and watched TV or in my case I played world of warcraft for a bit.

I wish I had gone outside and shaken or knock off the snow on the crab apple tree in my front yard.  It’s now a probable goner due to the snow.

The immense weight of the snow split one of the largest branches in half and it came down on our fence and the neighbors fence.

I did go out today and knock the snow off the branch that was threatening to fall on a Mercedes parked in front of our place.  Every time we try to dig out or at least shovel, the sidewalk is covered before we hit the end of the front of our home.

snowzilla claims a victim

snowzilla claims a victim

The poor birds in the backyard have no food and with drifts of 3 feet I can’t even get the door open to give them bread crumbs or barley. They are hiding under the seats of our chair (we’d laid down newspaper to keep the food dry) and it’s providing them with tiny little caves.

I’ve started a pot of chicken and dumplings and will probably make a pan of mac and cheese (with the smoked gouda) as well.  Hoping we don’t lose power like those in MD.


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