Bird Central

Not sure how many people in my neighborhood are feeding the birds.  We finally were able to get onto the deck and clear a feeding are and put out trays of bread crumbs, barley and other things.

So far we’ve seen cardinals, chickadees, house sparrows, and this morning three blue jays.  The starlings haven’t noticed where the food is but they are in the trees of a neighbor.

Glad to have provided some food and shelter to the poor things, they are so puffed up to stay warm that it’s pretty funny.  Next time I will make sure I have seed before the bad weather hits.

Speaking of birds, we’ve fed them this winter.  Last Sunday we saw a coopers hawk in our shrubs. He was losing a tail feather and was trying to pull it out.  He eventually flew to the large maple out back (it’s about 120 feet tall) where he kept preening that tail feather.  A young squirrel didn’t know what the hawk was and got pretty bold.  He kept inching closer and at one point the squirrel was about 18 inches away from the hawk.  The hawk was either full or too preoccupied with the tail feather to attack the squirrel.

We had a house guest last weekend who is a wildlife biologist. All three of us watched this happen (he identified the hawk).  I was amazed but even he said he’d never seen anything like it.  BTW, the feather did eventually drop and is sitting on my desk!


4 responses to “Bird Central

  1. We usually have a pair of Coopers Hawks every year in our trees out here in Virginia. Once we had a bird loving wildlife enthusiast visit us and we all laughed so hard because the hawk sat up in a tree and, well, did what hawks do after a meal… regurgitated al ball of bones and fur from its meal! And it landed on our friend’s car. What were the chances!

    • Now that is classic! Did he go and see what they had been eating? I took temporary care of a friend’s owl (they had the licenses) and I could never decide what was grosser; finding the uneaten half of the mouse of the regurgitated meal pellet.

  2. hello. Just want to mention that bread is not a healthy food for birds. Give them black oil sunflower seeds, or other bird seeds as its much better for them. Our bread is laking in the proper fuel nutrition birds need and I have read that they can starve to death eating it.

    • Hi Thanks for letting me know. i bought about 30 lbs of food to feed them and since it’s summer now they should be pretty happy.

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