Robert Liberace Show, Arcadia Gallery

Cover from Robert Liberace: One Man Exhibition Catalog

Cover from Robert Liberace: One Man Exhibition Catalog

If you will be in the New York City area in between today and March 27th, take the time to visit the Arcadia Art Gallery in New York City, NY.   Gallery owner Steve Diamant is hosting an amazing show of works by artist Robert Liberace.

The show opened yesterday, March 13th with quite a bang, Rob did a two hour demo.  Rob’s demo was a great opportunity for collectors, professional artists, students and fans to see how Rob creates his red chalk drawings.

During the demo Rob touched briefly on his techniques and materials used and spent a time explaining to us what he was seeing and how he translated vision to paper.  He answered quite a few questions from the audience and I think he really got them involved in his creative process.

Two Muses, Robert Liberace

Two Muses, Robert Liberace

There were an extraordinary number of works at the show, huge drawings and paintings, incredibly delicate silverpoint drawings, one etching, one small jewel of a portrait of John (one of Rob’s favorite models), and a large number of smaller paintings.

Most of the small oil paintings reminded me of Rob’s wonderful demos for  class.  They were free and bold, yet they had more refinement and beauty than what he could accomplish in a few hours of work at the Alexandria Arts League classes.  In short, they were magical.

The painting on the right, Two Muses was my favorite from the show although I loved a painting titled Icarus as well.  If you are in the area go and see the show, if you aren’t but you live within in day trip distance, recommend you go there and also visit the Bronzino Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well.

For those who simply can’t make it, here is a link to the facebook page of the Arcadia Art Gallery, you will find some photographs of the demo here as well as views of the crowds in the gallery.  Hopefully you will get a great sense of the excitement and energy of the event!


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