The Figure in Action Workshop

Male Torso, Robert Liberace, charcoal on paper

Male Torso, Robert Liberace, charcoal on paper

I spent Friday through Sunday in a workshop with artist Robert Liberace.  It was fun, challenging and also quite exhausting (my poor aching feet!).

Rob changed the format of this workshop (I’d attended a similar one last spring) and I really liked it.  Basically we sat in another classroom on Friday and Saturday and Rob gave a demo for the first hour and one-half .  He used charcoal for the two days and on the final day he sat among the students and worked on a silverpoint drawing of Adam.

I liked the work I did during the workshop;  I worked in charcoal on Friday and then switched to colored pencil for Saturday and Sunday.  I am slowly getting over my dislike of charcoal (and the mess associated with it) and I love how you can wipe it out and keep reworking it.  It’s very forgiving.

Day two, pencil on paper

Day two, pencil on paper

On Saturday I drew a torso of Adam.  Although four hours sounds like a long time, it’s not.  It’s enough time to capture the attitude and angles of the model (and his dynamic pose) and make sure you’ve nailed the shadows.  I only had a little bit of time to spend on the actual torso to capture what his muscles were up to.

On Sunday it was like I was a cat on a hot tin roof, I couldn’t settle down for squat.  I tired two different drawings, charcoal on non-charcoal paper (a mistake) and then finally two different attempts of the model.  I nailed it on the final attempt.  But I’d started late which forced me to keep the figure small and to make decisions on what I would draw.

I literally could only suggest the legs and what the arms were doing.  I spent all my time trying to make what I was seeing make sense on the paper.  The model was seated and pulling a large rope, this made his pectoral muscles bulge and the profile of one was really distorted.    So tried to draw it in a way that made it clear what the model was doing.  Not sure I succeeded;  Rob did tell me that I did a great job on making the form and shadows rounded and lifelike…yeah me!

Note I still have to move the pictures to my computer but I will do so Wednesday.  I have class tomorrow evening.


4 responses to “The Figure in Action Workshop

  1. Beautiful work, Cindy!!

  2. Thank you Lina. Isn’t Rob’s charcoal glorious?!!

  3. Beautiful C.

  4. Thank you Duane!

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